Has the World Cup really improved workers’ rights in Qatar? Five experts give their verdict


, 23/10/2022, 9:00 am

Criticism of conditions faced by migrants labouring on tournament projects led to policy changes in the Gulf state. But have they worked – and will they last?

Global criticism of the treatment of hundreds of thousands of workers from countries such as Nepal, India and Bangladesh who have been building Qatar’s World Cup dream led to the Gulf state introducing a range of labour policy changes that it says have improved the lives of the migrant workforce. Have those changes worked and how likely are they to be sustained after the tournament? A panel of experts give their view.

Geoffrey, a Kenyan, worked in Qatar for three and a half years. While there, he also worked for the human rights group Equidem as a researcher and advocate for workers’ rights. He was detained three times and has now returned home, where he continues his advocacy work

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