Women behind the lens: silent and alone, Nur hopes for a greener future


, 26/08/2022, 5:00 am

In the sweltering summer of the Rohingya refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar, Ishrat Fori Imran photographed a young girl planting tiny trees in bottle tops

Nur Asma is 10 years old. She lives in the Rohingya refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, with her family. She has four siblings; she is the third child in the family.

Nur loves creative play – crafting, making horses and utensils out of mud, making a chicken coop from bamboo, that sort of thing, and she loves studying too. She is very shy and introverted. She does everything silently and plays alone. Perhaps she just loves spending time alone. She is a girl who wants to create something new by herself and doesn’t want to copy from others.

Ishrat Fori Imran is a Rohingya refugee photographer who uses a smartphone to document life in the camp. Her work has featured in Rohingyatography magazine

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